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The festival site consists of two parts. The upper part belongs to the Latibul, Circus and Theater Education Center, and can be reached via the street An der Schanz.

It is about 300 meters from the Boltensternstraße train stop. There are elevators up to a bridge at both platforms of the train station. From here you can get to the street and on to Latibul without any further barriers.

There are several parking spaces directly in front of the entrance to Latibul. There are explicitly designated parking spaces for people with disabilities at the youth hostel, just 200 m from the entrance to the festival site. The path there is at ground level.

The venues on this part of the festival site include two circus tents at ground level and the cinema at ground level, which is also the meeting point for the discussion events. Up here there is also a bar and the toilets. There is a large toilet for wheelchair users. At present, the ramp leading up to it is too steep, so that independent access is unfortunately not possible for everyone, especially active wheelchair users. However, we will be happy to assist you.

The second part of the site is the large meadow below, between the Latibul and the Rhine. You can get here from the upper part, the Latibul, via a flight of steps or a paved path with a slight incline. However, you can also get here from the paved cycle and footpath along the Rhine. There is a meadow between this cycle and footpath and the stages. On this lower part of the festival site, events take place in another circus tent, the 360° Open Air Stage and the amphitheater. There is also a small tent with an open library and various opportunities to get into conversation and get creative, as well as another bar. Between these venues, we are setting up paths made of honeycomb modules.

Here you can see a video of the site to make yourself an image of it. (In german language)



The Tanzfaktur factory hall is accessible at ground level. There is also a large building with other stages that we do not perform on. However, there is a bar here and a barrier-free toilet in the basement. You can get there by elevator. We will be adding information about Tanzfaktur soon.


People with a disabled pass and Cologne Pass holders receive a 50% discount on the ticket price. A free ticket for an accompanying person can be booked when purchasing tickets online.


Earlier admission to the event room for people with disabilities is possible. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, simply arrive a little earlier and speak to our colleagues at the box office.


Contemporary circus and dance are very visually oriented and usually work with very little language, if any. Sometimes there are challenging elements, such as very loud music, strobe lights or the thematization of experiences of violence. Detailed information on the individual pieces can be found in the program.


An inductive hearing system is unfortunately not available. We are happy to ensure that hearing impaired and deaf people have a seat at the front.
Most events are without speech and can be experienced visually.


Animals are not permitted in the closed circus tents. Assistance dogs are an exception to this rule.


Unfortunately, our festival site does not offer overnight accommodation for the public.
We can recommend the Hotel Motel One am Mediapark as barrier-free accommodation.
Whitsun is trade fair time in Cologne, so the city accommodates many people during this period. It is advisable to book very early.


Unfortunately, wherever people meet, discriminatory, assaultive behavior occurs again and again, consciously or unconsciously. People who are affected by sexism, queer hostility, racism or anti-Semitism, for example, are particularly exposed to this. The suffering is not only in the transgressive situation itself, but also in the way it is dealt with: much remains uncommented and without consequences, which can reinforce a feeling of insecurity and fear. The term awareness refers to an awareness of these structures.

Together with the initiative feminist circus we created an awareness concept for the Festival to make the CircusDanceFestival a place where everyone can feel comfortable and safe. We expect all visitors, artists and team members to adhere to basic rules for a respectful and sensitive coexistence. This will be communicated in advance and during the festival. Not every discriminatory, assaultive behavior originates from a malicious intention, but can still be hurtful. Because there is often a lack of awareness of this and many are unsure how to react when something happens, we have established a Code of Conduct here.

What people perceive as a violation of boundaries is subjective. Therefore, we do not question the perspective of those affected. We stand in solidarity with affected individuals who seek our support.

Accessibility of the Awareness Team:

At the awareness stand right next to the information and cash desk at the entrance to the above site, someone will be available for you throughout the festival. A part of the awareness team is moving around the festival area and can be identified by a pink shirt with an A on the back.

With the phone number +49157 54251181 the awareness team can be reached during the festival, if a direct contact is not desired or possible. The cell phone can also be reached if you need assistance at an event at one of the external venues. 

Here you can find our awareness concept and support possibilities

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