May 21 | 10:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Bodies in relation: Film evening with Claudio Stellato, Baro d’evel and Corentin Diana & Leonardo Ferreira

May 21 | 10:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

ARTE en scène: Wake Up ! | Performance film by Corentin Diana & Leonardo Ferreira
ARTE en scène: Le vide de l’autre | Performance film by Baro d’evel
About Claudio Stellato | Dokumentary by Filip Jacobson

Photo: Leonardo Ferreira und Corentin Diana, Baro D’Evel, Filip Jacobson

Access: Digital
Admission: 8/15 EUR
Focus: Circus
Age recommendation: From 12 years
Afterwards: follow-up conversation with Claudio Stellato

The film evening “Bodies in relation” introduces the exploration of human relationships and the related interaction in space and time with two ARTE portraits. “Wake Up!” by Corentin Diana & Leonardo Ferreira is dedicated to the use of the body as a means of communication in encounters beyond linguistic articulation. “Le vide de l’autre” (“The Void of the Other”) by the company Baro d’evel addresses relationships in and to a timeless space. The documentary “About Claudio Stellato” provides insights into a choreographic encounter with materials of all kinds, in which what we think we know about relationships is deconstructed and taken ad absurdum. 

ARTE en scène: Corentin Diana & Leonardo Ferreira | Wake Up! (8 min)

With Corentin Diana and Leonardo Ferreira, circus art merges with metaphysics. In “Wake Up!” the duo reflects on time, body and communication, creating an absurd performance with dark depth. After studying together at the National Center for Circus Arts (CNAC) in Châlons-en-Champagne, the two acrobats decided to continue their artistic journey together. “Wake Up!” lets two men from different time levels meet. Unable to communicate with words, the protagonists use their bodies as a means of communication. By holding each other, reaching for each other, and jumping towards each other, the two acrobats create a new vocabulary for understanding through the interaction of their bodies. The piece was recorded in January 2021 in Revelles, northern France.

A production by ARTE France and La Blogothèque | Director Xavier Reim | Country France | Year 2021 

Photo: Leonardo Ferreira and Corentin Diana, ARTE France © La Blogothèque 

ARTE en scène: Baro d’evel | Le vide de l’autre (9 min)

The company Baro d’evel creates its own universe. The French-Catalan duo Camille Decourtye and Blaï Mateu-Trias creates a landscape that resembles a waking dream: a hypnotic work in black and white that both disturbs and fascinates. The performance of the artists takes place in an almost post-apocalyptic environment. Between harmony and confrontation, the duo combines a game of balance with dance and song to create a unique work. The movements of the bodies are soon joined by those of a bird, which seems to respond with its plumage to the bicolour of the overall scenery. The performance was recorded in Lavelanet-de-Comminges in September 2020.

A production by ARTE France and La Blogothèque | Director David Ctiborsky | Country France | Year 2020

Photo: Baro D’Evel, ARTE France © La Blogothèque

About Claudio Stellato | A documentary film by Filip Jacobson (20 min)

The artistic work of Claudio Stellato is multidisciplinary in the truest sense of the word. Having completed his training in jazz music, it is his immense fascination with the diversity of materials that drives his work in dance and circus, now also as a choreographer. He takes a great deal of time for his creations, delving into the depths of the dialogic facets between bodies and materials. His research processes often extend over several years. On stage and in his pieces, the material develops a life of its own. This is the case, for example, in the production “work,” originally invited to the festival, in which bizarre types handle nails, wood, paint, and all varieties of tools in a universe of the absurd: Images of strange construction site situations in which abysmal dimensions of building and tinkering manifest themselves.

“About Claudio Stellato” shows excerpts from “work” and invites you to accompany the artist a bit in his particular way of research. Filip Jacobson visited the choreographer during a research residency in Cherbourg, France.

A documentary by Filip Jacobson | Produced by CircusDanceFestival | In portrait Claudio Stellato | Country France | Year 2021 | Language English

Photo: Filip Jacobson