May 23 | 10:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Carrying and being carried: Film evening with Overhead Project, THERE THERE Company and Projet.PDF

May 23 | 10:00 pm – 11:00 pm

ARTE en scène: Entre tant | Performance film by Projet.PDF
About Overhead Project | Documentary by Filip Jacobson
Carrying fathers | Documentary by THERE THERE Company

Photo: ProjetPDF, Filip Jacobson

Access: Digital
Admission: 8/15 EUR
Focus: Dance and circus
Afterwards: Toon van Gramberen and Hanna Mampuys in conversation with Tim Behren

The film evening “Tragen und Tragen Lassen” (“Carrying and being carried”)tells of the trust, strength and vulnerability that make up partner acrobatics. The company Projet.PDF opens the evening with the piece “Entre tant”, as a women’s group with emancipatory claims. Who carries the mothers? That might be the name of their tongue-in-cheek question to the Flemish THERE THERE Company, which for its part explores the field of partner acrobatics with “Carrying fathers” in a cross-generational group of men. The documentary “About Overhead-Project” provides insights into the work of a company based in Germany that was founded more than ten years ago by a duo of partner acrobats and that has since developed its choreographic signature with a body vocabulary that deliberately blurs the boundaries between the dance and the acrobatic. 

ARTE en scène: Entre tant | Projet.PDF (8min)

The name of the group Projet.PDF sounds cryptic at first, but it contains a clear message: “PDF” is the acronym for “Porté de Femmes” – in German “Von Frauen getragen” (“Carried by women”). The name says it all, because the ensemble is made up only of women. In the cinematically captured performance “Entre tant”, Projet.PDF unites the energy of very different and strong women to create a playful performance that inspires amazement and reflection with a lot of physical effort. At the same time, a political statement is made: The performance invites the audience to re-evaluate the place of women in the circus world and in society in general. With their acrobatics, the ensemble aims to express the diversity of people and their lifeworlds. The show, consciously characterized by plurality, tells the story of women, but equally consciously includes all people. The performance was recorded in Les Echelles in France in February 2021.

A production by ARTE France and La Blogothèque | Director Margot de Kerangat | Country France | Year 2021

Photo: ProjetPDF, ARTE France © La Blogothèque 

About Overhead Project | Documentary by Filip Jacobson (20 min)

The works of Overhead Project are characterized by a multidimensional understanding of movement and deal with reflections on the stage as a place of self-presentation, as well as the questioning of social phenomena. For over ten years, the company has stood for artistic works on the border of contemporary circus and dance. Their pieces invite the audience again and again to an unusual approach to the stage space. The trilogy “Geometry and Politics”, based on archetypal spatial arrangements in parliament buildings, experiments intensively with theatre as a space of experience and deals with architectural spatial settings in each of three pieces. The documentary film “About Overhead Project” accompanies the artistic director Tim Behren and his long-time collaborators – the composer Simon Bauer, the lighting and set designer Charlotte Ducousso and the team of five performers – during the rehearsal process for the last piece of the trilogy as well as for the new solo “Circular Vertigo”, which is being created in parallel.

This solo can also be seen as a livestream performance in the festival program. 

A documentary film by Filip Jacobson | Produced by CircusDanceFestival | Portrayed company Overhead Project | Country Germany | Year Germany | Language German, English

Photo: Filip Jacobson 

THERE THERE Company | Carrying fathers (30 min)

Eight grown men carrying each other. Four sons and their fathers. Eight bodies that may not be equally strong, but find strength in their individuality and their interaction with each other. The film documents a physical, acrobatic performance about carrying and being carried. About the aging body and the reversal of care responsibilities between generations. About bodies and relationships subject to the processes of time. The mixed cast consists of professionals and amateur actors. 

The documentary “Carrying fathers” shows the process of creating the play “Carrying my father,” a circus production in which four acrobats share the stage with their fathers. When the long-awaited premiere in March 2020 is cancelled during the first lockdown in Belgium due to COVID-19, the artistic direction, consisting of Toon Van Gramberen and Hanna Mampuys, decides to produce a documentary film. Rehearsal footage and interviews with the performers provide insight and enable a journey through various stages of the creation of the piece, which to this day has not been premiered.

As a cinematic installation, “Carrying fathers” will also be accessible throughout the day on the festival grounds. 

Production THERE THERE Company | Concept and direction Hanna Mampuys & Toon Van Gramberen| Performers Toon and Eugeen Van Gramberen, Jonas and Danny Juchtmans, Josse and Koen De Broeck, Joren and Jan De Cooman | Camera and editing Toon Van Gramberen | Artistic and technical advice Toyah Van der Poten | Co-produced by CirkL, PERPLX, Theater op de Markt, MiraMiro | Country Belgium | Year 2020 | Language Flemish with English subtitles

Photo: Bart Grietens