May 22 | 8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Dependencies: Film evening with Breno Caetano & Sergi Pares, Compagnie Underclouds and La Mondiale Générale

May 22 | 8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

ARTE en scène: Inertie | Performance film by Compagnie Underclouds
ARTE en scène: Sabordage | Performance film by La Mondiale Générale
About Breno Caetano & Sergi Pares | Documentary by Filip Jacobson

Photo: Compagnie Underclouds, Filip Jacobson, La Mondiale Generale

Access: Digital
Admission: 8/15 EUR
Focus: Dance and circus
Age recommendation: From 12 years
Afterwards: follow-up conversation with Breno Caetano & Sergi Parés

The film evening “Abhängigkeiten” (“Dependencies”) locates the human body in various ways in historical and material contexts. “Inertie” by Compagnie Underclouds and “Sabordage” by La Mondiale Générale show different forms of dependence and calculated risk in the encounter with objects. The documentary film “About Breno Caetano & Sergi Parés” provides insights into the artistic exploration of the human body as a particularly vulnerable material.

ARTE en scène: Compagnie Underclouds | Inertie (8 min)

Wires, rails, cranes and other objects – whether real or imaginary – are at the heart of Compagnie Underclouds’ work. “Inertie” is the group’s latest piece. In the park of the U4 blast furnace in Uckange, France, the duo and their steel object become one with the site’s industrial and mechanical past. Against a backdrop bathed in fog, the two performers of Compagnie Underclouds dance with a new kind of cyr wheel, a kind of oversized iron hoop with curved architecture. From the rotations of the two strange tightrope walkers on their object, sounds are born that for a moment revive the industrial past of the surroundings. This work was recorded in November 2020 in Uckange, France.

A production by ARTE France and La Blogothèque | Director Thibaut Charlut| Country France | Year 2020 

Photo: Compagnie Underclouds, ARTE France © La Blogothèque 

ARTE en scène: La Mondiale Générale | Sabordage (7 min)

The artists’ group La Mondiale Générale stages a performance in which calculated risk is writ large and a hint of surrealism hangs in the air. In the performance “Sabordage” in the church of Arles, several wooden beams are the centre of attention. With a supposedly simple beam made of wood, the troupe manages an amazingly emotional balancing act. In the Eglise des Prêcheurs, the artists gradually fall under the spell of collective entanglement. The physically shared space of the acrobats is so limited that each individual movement must simultaneously involve the whole group. The result is not only highly aesthetic, but above all a tongue-in-cheek metaphor for the global interconnectedness of individuals on which the balance of humanity rests. The performance was recorded in February 2021 at the Église des Prêcheurs in Arles.

A production by ARTE France and La Blogothèque | Director Hugo Jouxtel | Country France | Year 2021 

Photo: La Mondiale Generale, ARTE France © La Blogothèque 

About Breno Caetano & Sergi Parés | Documentary by Filip Jacobson (20 min)

Breno Caetano and Sergi Parés’ artistic works span the fields of circus, dance and installation. Their choreographies are expressions of a curious practice of exploring bodies and their possibilities. Both have had multidisciplinary training and subsequently worked a long time for established companies in dance and circus (including: Batsheva Dance Company, Philippe Decouflé, Marine Mane, Un loup pour l’homme, Compagnie XY and Anton Lachky). In their new work under their own authorship, the two now meet as a duet. “Cornerstone” is influenced by cultural, social and historical perspectives on human evolution. Breno Caetano and Sergi Parés use their bodies as instruments and in this way question the basic principles of power as well as our positioning and bias towards it. The means of choice are fine ropes that create and make visible connections and dependencies between two bodies. Their piece becomes a bodily manifesto for a necessity of consideration and trust that must always be remembered and renegotiated. Documentary filmmaker Filip Jacobson visited the duo in Cologne during the creation of “Cornerstone” as well as at their home in Brussels, providing insights into the working methods of Breno Caetano and Sergi Parés.

The duo’s production “Cornerstone” will premiere at the festival. “Cornerstone” was created partly during a residency made possible by the festival program.

A documentary film by Filip Jacobson | Produced by CircusDanceFestival | In portrait Breno Caetano, Sergi Parés | Country Germany/Belgium | Year 2021 | Language English

Photo: Filip Jacobson