May 20 | 10:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Female circus: Film evening with Laura Murphy und Chloé Moglia

May 20 | 10:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

ARTE en scène: Horizon | Performance film about Chloé Moglia
A spectacle of Herself | Performance film by Laura Murphy
About Laura Murphy | Documentary, world premiere

Photo: Chloé Moglia and Darko Skrobonja

Access: Digital
Admission:8/15 EUR
Focus: Circus
Age recommendation: 16+
„About Laura Murphy” incorporates nudity and language without taboos for an open discussion about gender, sex and the body.
Afterwards: Laura Murphy in conversation with Mirjam Hildbrand

The prelude to the film program “Female Circus” starts with three strong circus works beyond the internationally very male-dominated circus landscape. Here, exciting perspectives on bodies as well as on current topics are opened up. The performance film “Horizon” about French aerial artist Chloé Moglia, produced by ARTE en scène, will be shown, followed by Laura Murphy’s latest film work “A spectacle of Herself”. The evening concludes with the documentary “About Laura Murphy,” produced specially by CircusDanceFestival, which offers insights into Laura Murphy’s work on queer issues and feminisms in the circus field.

ARTE en scène: Chloé Moglia | Horizon (8 min)

The state of suspension is at the center of Chloé Moglia’s work. The artist deals with weightlessness, plays with the laws of gravity and moves between risk-taking and the search for meaning. Captured by ARTE in a short film, the performance “Horizon” is a physical masterpiece with the Atlantic Ocean as its backdrop: A play between the trapezist and an architectural structure that serves as both sculptural and load-bearing element. In this constellation, Moglia creates a weightless performance that blends fluidly with its surroundings. The recording of a performance from August 2020 in Camaret-sur-Mer will be shown.

A production of ARTE France and La Blogothèque | Director Sebastien Bergé | Country France | Year 2020

Photo: Chloé Moglia, ARTE France © La Blogothèque 

Laura Murphy | A spectacle of Herself (20 min)

Starring Laura Murphy as herself amidst the failing performance of Western civilisation, A Spectacle of Herself charts a cosmic voyage through performance, probing into space and outer space, and taking up space – on your screens and in your lives.

Slicing herself into appropriately sized, appropriately seasoned, appropriately inappropriate portions, Laura navigates in the footsteps of spectacle maker Bridget Jones, asking is she ‘too much’ ? Is she ‘not enough’? Or can you love her just as she is?

Following on from Laura’s debut solo Contra, A Spectacle of Herself is a performance film emerging from research into a new live work. Interrogating themes around virtuosity, autobiography, identity, and the spectacularized body, A Spectacle of Herself draws on Laura’s doctoral research which investigates aerial work’s potential as a critically engaged practice and its use as a vehicle for social and political propaganda.

Performed and written by Laura Murphy | Theatre Director Ursula Martinez | Lip Sync Consultant Dickie Beau | Art Director Nicole A’Court-Stuart | Film Director, Edit and 1st Camera Holly Black, Black Bark Films | 2nd Camera Aphra Evans | Sound Jo Barker and Nicole A’Court Stuart Produced by Nicole A’Court-Stuart for ContraProject | Commissioned by CircusDanceFestival and The Lowry, Salford | Supported by Arts Council England 

Photo: Filip Jacobson

About Laura Murphy | Documentary by Filip Jacobson (20 min)

Laura Murphy’s performance reveals opposites in a passionate, witty, yet uncompromising way that provoke reflection. It addresses a subject area that continues to be a socially contested arena: the female-read body. With subtle humour, Laura uses personal, historical and social contexts to show the images and expectations with which women* and their bodies are occupied. In the acrobatic performance, the vertical rope is the most important counterpart to share very personal experiences and scientific debate – for example from the written doctoral thesis in this field. Thus, the female-read body is up for debate from the point of view of queer discourses and feminisms, taking up and deconstructing dominant social role models. Filip Jacobson visited Laura in rehearsals for an emerging film work in Bristol and made a documentary portrait of her touring production “Contra”. “About Laura Murphy” is a CircusDanceFestival commissioned production that will have its world premiere at the festival.

A documentary film by Filip Jacobson | Produced by CircusDanceFestival | In portrait Laura Murphy | Country Germany | Year 2021 | Language English

Photo: Francis Rodor