Zeit für Zirkus 2021

CircusDanceFestival: Focus Cologne

14.11.2021 | 18:30 – 21:00
Moment Köln, An der Schanz 6, 50735 Cologne

Double-bill evening with the Cologne ensembles 3x Eva, Christoph Rummel and screening of the documentary film About Overhead Project.
In the context of “Zeit für Zirkus”, the Germany-wide format of the international circus festival “Nuit du Cirque” 2021.

18:30 and 20:30 Screening About Overhead Project (20min).
19:00 Double Bill Evening Christoph Rummel (25min) and 3x Eva (German premiere, 40min)

About Overhead Project
A documentary by Filip Jacobson / CircusDanceFestival
20 min

The internationally present company Overhead Project, based in Cologne and Tübingen, has been one of the most innovative and active ensembles in the German contemporary circus scene for over ten years. The highly physical pieces are located on the borderline between dance and circus and deal with society’s view of bodies, as well as the influence of space and architecture on power structures and hierarchies.
Documentary filmmaker Filip Jacobson accompanied Overhead Project in their rehearsal processes shortly before a premiere and provides insight into the artistic processes of the company with his subtle view through the camera.

3x Eva
By Laura Runge, Yolande Sommer, Rahel Gieselmann

Glitter, princess costumes, bodysuits with backside coltee, splits in the air, women thrown around, fluid movements, flexible backs, ideal bodies, imperfect perfection, chest out and legs up – is that what you want to see? Laura Runge, Yolande Sommer and Rahel Gieselmann talk about their own revolution. It’s about courage. They face their ambivalences. They throw themselves into the process.

In their piece 3xEva, the group reflects on their own artistic careers with a special focus on the female-read body and the associated role conceptions in children’s and youth circus. The three performers met in the Cologne youth circus scene, founded the company Neun together with other young artists and have now been working together in this new constellation for a year. In the piece 3xEva, they examine from very personal perspectives how their feminist values can be combined with the realities they have experienced in the (youth) circus. Part of the work also includes interview research with circus artists*, social workers*, and people in the field of sexual education.

The result is a kind of coming-of-age performance that negotiates the stages of coming of age of a generation of women* and reveals desires for changes in circus education.

German premiere
Length: 40 min

Outside-Eye: Julia Berger

Funded by the Fonds Darstellende Künste


Work-in-progress: “in.out”
By Christoph Rummel

The juggler is Christoph Rummel is a curious all-rounder and busy stage artist from Cologne. As a stage artist he stood a lot on cabaret stages and was active at countless national and international congresses, conferences, corporate and group events. He is a guest at international vaudeville and circus festivals and has performed in vaudeville productions in municipal theaters or houses such as the et cetera Varieté in Bochum. He found his curiosity and passion for experimentation in contemporary circus at Labor Cirque, a creation and research lab that brought together cross-disciplinary perspectives on circus, as well as the stage arts, in Cologne.

The project in.out is still in the process of creation and will be shown as a work-in-progress.
It is a creation about juggling opposites. An exploratory journey with object, poetry, juggling, stage language, stage art and contemporary circus.
A piece about order and structure. A fiddling with ball and box. A meeting of precision and fragility. An experimentation with surprise and logic. A search for control and chaos.

Length: 25 min.

CircusDanceFestival: Focus Cologne at the Moment Theater and Circus Pedagogical Center Cologne is presented by “Zeit für Zirkus”, the Germany-wide format of the international circus festival “Nuit du Cirque” 2021.

Funded by the Performing Arts Fund with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.