Residency 2021

Residency 10 – February 2021 | Sinking Sideways

Company Sinking Sideways visiting ehrenfeldstudios from 08. – 14.02.2021

Sinking Sideways, ​that’s Xenia Bannuscher (DE) und Dries Vanwalle (BE). Both graduated as dance acrobats from the Circus department of the Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam (NL) in July 2020. ​Sinking Sideways ​is working at the crossroad of circus and dance. Dries’ background lies in circus, Xenias lies in dance. And their discipline is inspired by both of these art forms.

Our first creation called ​René i​s based around one movement, which is repeated time and again. There’s two bodies in space, continuously moving in sync, staying in one rhythm at all times, never standing still. We invite the audience to follow our movement, discover it new every time, to let themselves in on all the details. We want to share our process and our outcome openly with the viewers, we want to invite them to see our struggles and our fascination.

René ​will premier in October 2021 in Kortrijk (BE) with ​PERPLX ​festival.​