Re-Writing Circus

Symposium as part of CircusDance Festival in Cologne
May 20 + 21 in 2021

How do we write, talk and think about contemporary circus? How are artistic writings developed in practice and how are they rewriting circus time and again? How do we write on circus, how do we translate performative practice into words? And what kind of re-writing is needed? On the one hand, the symposium “Re-Writing Circus” reflects on the multiple meanings of dramaturgy in the context of contemporary circus. On the basis of a broad concept of “dramaturgy”, it focuses on body – based writing and research within the creative processes.

On the other hand, the symposium is dedicated to the practice of journalistic and scientific writing on contemporary circus. Attention is paid here to a language beyond existing stereotypes commonly associated with circus in Germany until today.

The symposium will be held on two days as part of Circus Dance Festival in Cologne. International speakers* and a professional audience proficient in theory and practice are invited to this symposium with keynote lectures, panel discussions, discussion formats und book presentations.