Voices – the Magazine | 2020

CircusDanceFestival: VOICES magazine online!

The online magazine VOICES opens a digital space to get to know the artists of the Cologne CircusDanceFestival 2020, also beyond stages and circus tents. It is a mouthpiece for what moves them, what worries them, how they experience this time and what they want for the future. Above all, the magazine also opens up space for the topics and thoughts with which their pieces deal – usually “live”.

In personal interviews and with the “Carte Blanche” video works created in the corona lockdown, we still bring the festival artists to you during this time – a possibility to get to know each other in a magazine format!

Enjoy reading, browsing, listening and discovering!

Good to know: The magazine is best readable in full-screen mode (button at the bottom-right). And if there should be any display problems, try another browser. For example google chromes does not display the “browse” effect.


If you liked the magazine, if it let your thoughts fly and put a smile on your face, we are very happy!

And: we collect support to increase the production budgets for the artists of our CircusDance residence program. The festival offers selected groups in the area of ​​contemporary circus and dance rooms throughout the year and a small budget for rehearsing new works. Your support will increase this budget. The money therefore flows 100% to the artists to enable better production conditions in the future. Because we think that is exactly what is now urgently needed – space, support and finance for those involved in art and culture!

Thank you very much for your support!