May 23 | 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Young Savages: 3xeva

May 23 | 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Photo: Raquel Morais Desirenhos

Livestream Performance
Access: Digital
Admission: 8 EUR
Focus: Dance and circus
Age recommendation: From 12 years

Due to a quarantine case, the premiere of “3xEva” can unfortunately not take place. Tickets already purchased will be refunded. Instead of the play there will be an artist talk of the artists in conversation with the cultural anthropologist Katharina Klapdor on the topic. The Evas will talk with her about their career from the children’s circus to today and how their perspectives have changed through reflection. The female* body on the (circus) stage and enduring ambivalences in feminist discourse are central core points of the conversation. You are invited to listen and ask questions via the chat.

The young group around Laura Runge, Yolande Sommer and Rahel Gieselmann reflects in their piece “3xEva” their own artistic careers with a special focus on the female read body and the corresponding role concepts in children’s and youth circus. The three performers met in the Cologne youth circus scene, founded the circus formation Kompanie Neun together with other young artists and are now together in a new constellation. From very personal perspectives, the three examine how their feminist values can be combined with the realities they have experienced in the (youth) circus. 

“3xEva” poses a question to the audience in advance: “Glitter, princess costumes, bodysuits with back décolleté, splits in the air, women thrown around, long hair, beautiful images, flowing movements, flexible backs, ideal bodies, empty looks, imperfect perfection, chest out and legs up, show no weakness, control, mystical innocence, it must look easy – is that what you want to see?” Laura Runge, Yolande Sommer and Rahel Gieselmann say about “3xEva”: “We’re talking about revolution. It’s about courage. We face our ambivalences. We throw ourselves into the process.” 

Performance & creation Laura Runge, Rahel Gieselmann, Yolande Sommer | Outside eye Julia Berger | Production Lena Peters | Social Media @dreimaleva | Language German

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