Project announcement – Call for audition

The project “Young Wild Ones” represents the promotion of the youth and young adult sector within the CircusDanceFestival. Three ensembles of young adults with the maximum age of 27 years will present themselves in the context of the CircusDanceFestival at Pentecost 2021. For this purpose, an ensemble of about 5 people will be newly formed and will develop a production under the direction of Tanja Manderfeld and Bianca Lehnard.

We are looking for young people up to the age of 27 who are interested in getting involved in different areas of the performing arts (dance, circus, acting, music, etc.). Previous experience in one of the above mentioned disciplines is desired. Selection criteria are the personal motivation to participate in the project as well as the potential field of tension in the exchange with the other participants.


TPZAK Zirkus- und Artistikzentrum Köln, An der Schanz 6, 50735 Cologne


16. & 17.01.2021 Audition
A weekend for getting to know each other, filled with circus, dance as well as acting training and deciding who the ensemble members will be

24.01.2021 first approaches
The first approaches to the topic are developed

Ab 26.01.2021 weekly tuesdays 10:00 -13:00 h
in-depth development and training phase

19.05.2021 Finishing Rehearsals
We lash everything and get ready for:

22.05.2021 Dress rehearsal and premiere at the CircusDanceFestival

24.5.2021 Participation in offers of the CircusDanceFestival possible and desired

For more information and to register for the audition with personal details and a short letter of motivation, please visit
Registration deadline is 31.12.2020.